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Friday, April 6, 2012

Donate money get a website or blog

I will make a blog (2 or 3 articles) for you or set up a 2 or 3 page website for a donation of $5.00. I need to raise money for the dogs and to buy land and to move. We can not stay where we are at. The website will be on a free site. You can send me the information you want and color scheme. There are also free social networks where you can have your own social network. For larger websites or blog articles would require larger donations. Social network set up donations of $10.00.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Aussie Part 1

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Aussie and Myron

Aussie and dogs playing in water.
The doggies really love water.
Aussie and Blacktail really jumping.
We love water!
Boy do we love water!

We use to go fishing

We use to take the dogs fishing.  Go to my mom's pond a lot.
Dogs looking at Myron with fish.  Not trying to bite him.
Rascal wanting to fish.
Ezzie watching bobber.  If it moved she told you.
Rascal and Ezzie the bobber moved! 

Use to go for walks

We use to do things together.  He acted happy.  But all an act.  No one can be like he is if he did not want it.  He puts on good shows though.  The sick perverted look he gets on face when he is trying to hurt the dogs.  I use to think just his family.  They keep putting things in his head.  But if he was a man he would not listen.  He is a wimp!  We could of had a good marriage.  But he chose to believe lies and let his family run his life.
Onery and Rascal 
Blacktail, Snoopy and Little Ezzie
Lady, Brandy, Bitzy, Sally and Muffin
Myron holding Blacktail (Myron looks mistreated doesn't he?)
Suzy, Rascal, Hawkie, Muffin, Pumpkin and Bitzy
Me with Lady, Brandy, Rascal, Daisy Mae, Sally and Little Ezzie
On a walk at conservation land.  We use to take out some dogs and then take them back and get more.
We use to walk and go places the dogs did not try to bite him.  Only after he started poking them and pulling their tails and throwing firecrackers at them did some get wild.  He and his family had it planned ahead of time.  His family thinks they are better than anyone else.
His family can not stand anyone trying to be happy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Audio Why did I marry this person

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Would this bother you??

You meet a guy and start dating.  He is on food stamps but you are not prejudice.   We all need some help.  He has two old trucks (both 77) rusty and not much to look at.   Has holes in floorboards.  Has an old olds (81).  Have to roll down windows to open the doors.  But you are not into money or have to have fancy.  Just want someone who you can work together with and have common goals.  When you are dating you notice the house needs to be painted or resided.  The back has no siding at all.  He has socks stuck in around windows (around where trim suppose to be because has no trim.)  Has no door knob on bathroom door just a sock in hole.  The walls by phone have writing on them where has taken notes from phone calls but did not have paper by phone.  The old carpet is just thrown in and does not reach all the way to door or opposite end of room.  (length wise)  But side ways (width) on one wall by phone is lapped up the wall 2 or 3 feet.  Carpet in other rooms does not even match just bunch of carpet pieces different sizes.  Cabinets do not match in kitchen.  Sink in bathroom framed in 2 by 4's but not closed up or have any shelves.  House does not have one closet.   Some wires over kitchen sink and bathroom stick out for light fixture.  No septic tank just hole in ground lined with railroad ties and old tin thrown over.  He is always talking like house in progress and all these things he is going to do. 
You marry the guy.  You are going with him to visit his mother and doing things together.  Then a little while after married (not sure how long) he starts sneaking over to his mothers.  (everyday for 3 weeks)  Come to find out they are seeing a lawyer trying to get an annulment.  (over a bunch of lies that never never happened.)  Of course lies not true so they can not get annulment.  Your husband tells you he never wanted it and he told his mother that but she continued to do it.  You give husband benefit of doubt because you do not take marriage lightly.  Then 1 1/2 years after marriage your husbands mother gets killed in car accident.  Then your husbands sister goes around telling all kinds of lies about you and trying to cause trouble.  She is threatening to kick you off the land.  Says land in her name.  (oh yes husband had a 20 year loan on house and property when you got married) (you are suppose to help with payments but property not yours).  Sisters name not on property and she can not do anything (about kicking you out) (she still tells lies about you).  You really not sure if to stay or go.  Your husband says he wants marriage to work.  Like a fool you stay.  His sister is telling everyone you married him for his money.  What money?  You husband even ask you if true.  (is he really that stupid??)  Remember he is on food stamps.
Several things happen throughout your marriage.  You would like to get siding and windows fixed.  (he says he will fix but has made no attempt in over 11 years to fix.)  He will not let you add to loan even though everything he wants he adds to loan and orders you to sign papers.  Does not ask just tells you.  The tub leaked and he keeps saying going to fix.   Does not fix until you fall through floor and pipes get unhooked.  The only thing he fixes is pipes.  Hole in floor in not fixed.  In back room and just closed door off.  Hole in floor and part of wall and a little in kitchen and living room.  He says he will fix but has made no effort in years and years.  The pipes under house (really just a water hose) stops working so he ran a water hose from well house to side of house to supply the plumbing.  Has said for years would put in pipe.  Will not let me hire anyone.  He says he will do it.  He was driving my truck (1995 chevy s-10) (bought and paid for before we got married)  back and forth to work to save on gas.  It broke down over 6 years ago while he was driving.  He promised for years and years to fix it.  Of course he had to add to loan for old 1975 blazer like thing.  Right after he bought it the transmission went out.  Of course he had no problem fixing it.  He bought another truck a 1987 s-10 for gas mileage.  He has wrecked it twice and got parts and able to fix immediately .  He has made numerous  repairs to it so many I have lost count.  He will always have time to fix and will write check for parts even if we do not have money in bank.  (we pay 200 to 400 a month in over draft fees.) (they let his checks through but charge for each one) (but I write a check to pay the electric the bank bounces it and charges for it but will not clear it)  Then he bought some kind of dodge truck.  He said he bought for me...  what???  Guess what the transmission was and is out of it.  I told him I did not want it I want my truck fixed.  Now since I an not appreciative enough (kiss his _ _ _) he will not fix either.  So it has been sitting for years.  He also added to loan for a 69 truck for himself.  Of course he has done work to it also.  He will spend hours working on his truck and I say something about mine and he is like I do not have time I am busy.  He has busy for over 6 years.  He repeatedly  promised to fix it.  Now he says it is junk and not worth fixing. After all those years and all those promises.  But it is not suppose to bother me.  He is always saying you call yourself a Christian?   If I say anything about house he says I am just jealous.  (suppose to be jealous of his family.  Since they are so wealthy...  ha ha lol.  NOT!)
The roof leaked for over 5 years.  He kept saying he would fix it and would not let me add to loan to fix.  We had a fire last Feb 2010.  He took the first settlement on the insurance from bank since making payments bank has insurance on house.  I wanted to get some estimates.  He just got a company his brother wanted him to get.  He said was going to get metal roof and siding.  So that is what thought was getting.  Well they came out and after done just regular  roof no siding.  (roof would still be leaking if not for fire.) Come to find out he thought was too expensive.  He did have some money from insurance that bank credited to supply center.  He did buy some insulation, siding and wiring.   All still sitting...  
The fire happened Feb 18th 2010.  I woke up around 1 a.m.  Have wood stove and only heat we have.  I was all covered up even my head.  Cold in house.  I thought about getting up later to put in wood.  The all of a sudden I looked up and by tv (I fell to sleep with tv on) I could see a weird yellow smoke. I got up and wall in living room on fire.  I tried to put out but would not go out.  I called fire department while throwing water on it.  I got dogs out and could not throw water on from outside because everything frozen.  Seemed like forever before they got here...  Thankfully they got here and put out fire.  I was so thankful.  I called my husband who was out of town.  He did not act surprised or anything.  He said he would come home.  (he was about 1 1/2 or 2 hours away)   I called him back in 1/2 hour or so to tell him how everything was going.  You could tell I woke him up.  He mostly and just seemed concerned about the shop/garage.  It is not attached .  He said again he was coming home.  He did not make it home until 10 a.m. the next day.  Right after he pulled in here came his sister.   It seemed strange at the time and she took over so I really could not talk to my husband.  I always had a strange feeling my husband went to her house first.  To have a powwow.  The fire department ruled as an electrical fire.  Next day I could see where started down by plug in.  Not plug in itself buy wires in wall.  My husband and his family are telling everyone flu fire.  ???  Why lie about the fire??  (unless they have something to hide.)